Monumental and architectural structure “White Angel”

The monumental and architectural complex “White Angel” made of artificial marble is a business card of the city. It was built not so long ago – in 2012, and the opening took place as part of the celebration of City Day and its 25th anniversary. The monument symbolizes the revival after the Chernobyl disaster.

The height of the pedestal is 15 m, the figure of an angel is 2.5 m.

In his right hand – a laurel wreath, which blesses the townspeople, in his left – a shield with the star of the Virgin, a symbol of her intercession and protection. At the bottom of the complex is a sacred stone that was brought from Jerusalem.

Creative team were working on the creation of the monument: sculptor J. Neumann, architect A. Zayets, artist M. Linnyk, photographer V. Savran.

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