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About Slavutych

Among the northern forests, in the interfluve of the Desna and the Dnieper – Slavuta, 200 kilometers north of Kiev, almost on the border with Belarus, is a young but already historic city of Slavutych.  Geographically – Chernihiv region, administratively – Kyiv region, family – territories of the former USSR: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine.

The youngest city in Ukraine has become a center of social optimism since its inception.  Its appearance was to testify to the world’s ability of the Soviet social order not only to curb the turbulent peaceful atom, but also, taking advantage of the bitter experience of the Chernobyl catastrophe, to prevent its recurrence both in our country and abroad.

The youngest city in Ukraine


Atomograd was founded in 1987 for the workers of the Chernobyl NPP and their families who left the city of Pripyat after the accident on Unit 4.  The city is only 33 years old, and the average age of residents is 38 years – less than in the country.

Atomograd was founded in 1987


Unique postmodern architecture

Here you can feel the unsurpassed atmosphere of combining several cultures at once. The city was built by 9,000 builders from 9 republics of the Soviet Union, therefore, each quarter is full of features of the countries-developers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to see the architecture of 9 countries in one place. It is enough to come to Slavutych!

Stay in 2 regions at the same time

Slavutych is an exclave of Kyiv region on the territory of Chernihiv region

When you visit Slavutych, you be in two regions at the same time.  By the way, the electric train, which goes non-stop from Slavutych to the Chornobyl NPP, you can go for an interesting excursion to a large-scale object of industrial and extreme tourism. Necessary information about such a tour can be found in the Tourist Information Center of Slavutych and on the website of Chernobyl.


Slavutych is an exclave of Kyiv region on the territory of Chernihiv region


Slavutych has its own island

Part of the city is located on the Dnieper Island, located at a distance of 12 km in one of the bays of the Dnieper.

Silence and the smell of pine trees

Here you can breathe fresh air to your heart’s content and see for yourself that there is a city without minibuses, trams, subways and it’s comfortable.  Slavutych is a city in the middle of the forest and a forest in the middle of the city.  Pines, chestnuts, maples, spruces, willows… Vegetation here exceeds the norm of greenery by as much in 4 times!  It is in Slavutych that birds sing on the balcony in the morning.  And in the evening Slavutych will present a starry sky, which is not visible in big cities.  This city is not crowded with houses with many floors and allows you to breathe space.

This is the perfect Slow City – a dream for a comfortable family life and, at the same time, teleportation between very different urban spaces.



Naked Monuments

Slavutych is the only city in Ukraine where all but one monuments are naked.

According to the ecological concept of the town, the sculpture had not only to fit in, but also to blend in with its surroundings.

Barbecues in the yard of the Yerevan quarter

The city’s highlight is a gift to Slavutych from builders from Armenia.  Therefore, you just need to see with your own eyes the national color, the authentic architecture of Yerevan and cook kebabs in the atmosphere of original Armenia.



Cultural concentrate

Every year the city hosts significant events for Ukraine. In autumn, the International Festival of Children’s Democracy, Television, Press and Creativity “Golden Autumn of Slavutych” takes place here. The new GoldenFest festival first gathered active citizens of respectable age in 2019, in the same year Slavutych opened an art residence for artists for the first time and became the World Capital of Semantic Surrealism. And this year he won a project from the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and became the “Small Cultural Capital of Ukraine 2021”. Those who will come will see what happens next.