5 Soviet monuments

Slavutych is full of international sculpture and art objects, because the republics not only sent specialists and building materials, but also donated the works of their masters.

Belgorod Boulevard

The central axis of the boulevard stretches a decorative pool, which symbolizes the St. Petersburg canals, along with residential buildings and social facilities. The boulevard ends with a sports and recreation complex with a sculptural group “Bogatyr” on the theme of medieval myths of ancient Russia. Belonging to the classic St. Petersburg is emphasized by […]


ENLIGHT is a public space-transformer on solar panels, the filling of which is formed by the inhabitants of the city. This is a gift from the festival “86”, was installed in October 2015, the author of this project is A. Khoroshilov. This is place where local youth gather to watch movies and socialize.

Architectural complex of the Central Square

The connecting link of the city is the city center, designed by KyivZNDIEP specialists. The center was planned as a pedestrian system about a kilometer long and 200-300 meters wide. The buildings have service driveways which are functionally necessary, but there are no passages through the center. The whole space is dedicated to pedestrians. All […]

Monumental and architectural structure “White Angel”

The monumental and architectural complex “White Angel” made of artificial marble is a business card of the city. It was built not so long ago – in 2012, and the opening took place as part of the celebration of City Day and its 25th anniversary. The monument symbolizes the revival after the Chernobyl disaster. The […]

Entrance gate of Yerevan quarter – memorial “TO BUILDERS OF THE QUARTER”

According to the plan of the designers, each republic was to create an authentic entrance gate to its quarter.  Armenia is the only one that completed all the planned works in Slavutych and coped with this task. The authors of the project are sculptor Arsham Shaginyan and architect Stefan Lazaryan. The gate looks like a […]